Last updated:  August 11, 2017 @ 4:14 PM

Motorcycle Cone Patterns

This website was created to maintain a collection of motorcycle practice and competition cone patterns that are drawn to scale and easy to read.  They are available to all that wish to use them.  They may be copied and used by anyone that wishes to practice skillful motorcycle handling or by competition course architects needing drawings that are accurately drawn to scale.  Some are scaled technical draftings of old existing patterns that were found on the Internet or scribbled onto paper while others are original patterns created for this page.  If the author is known, desires credit for the pattern and has given permission to publish; credit for the pattern is given.   Everyone is invited to utilize these patterns when needed.  Check back often, patterns are added or revised. 

The patterns,  as drawn, are rated below based on difficulty to average skilled riders.  Some patterns have both Novice version and Expert version.  Any pattern can be made harder or easier by widening the circles, U-turns, or varying the angle of entry. 


All in Alphabetical Order

Basic and Easy




9' Coneweave 12' Slow Cone Weave 9' Coneweave Big - O Bleeding Ulcers
12 x 12 Coneweave Ace of Clubs-Novice 180-Degree Decel Cajun Craze (std) Bleeding Ulcers Impossible
12' Slow Cone Weave Bow Tie Ace of Clubs Capitol Crazy Horse
180-Degree Decel Eight Ball Bo's Back Door Charleston Tiger Den

Ace of Clubs-Expert

Double-O (Novice) Button Head and Shoulders  

Ace of Clubs-Novice

Influlynza Cajun Craze for Competition Keyhole  
Big - O Offset Coneweave Circle-Square Pitchfork - Serious  
Bleeding Ulcers Pattern Three Bo's Back Door Mirror Maze - Compact  
Bo's Back Door Pitchfork - Advanced/Novice Cajun Craze for Competition Mirror Maze - Left  
Bow Tie Power Weave Dippy Mirror Maze - Right  
Button SGHS Dagmar 5 - Nov./Adv. Double-O (Expert) Mirror Maze - Full Size  
Cajun Craze (std) Snowman Pitchfork - Moderate Star  
Cajun Craze for Competition Vandy Novice Plug Pattern for Competition Tiger Den for Competition 
Capitol Weave and Loop Novice Snake    
Charleston Zipper Shrinking Circles Toot Sweet  
Circle-Square Start/Stop Gates-A-, Combined Weave and Loop Expert Wisconsin Snowman  
Cooper 90-Degree Pull-out Windows
Crazy Horse        
Eight Ball Start/Stop Gates-B-, Combined      
Fantastic Four        
French Quarter        
Double-O (Novice)        
Double-O (Expert)        
Head and Shoulders        
Hell's Kitchen Pressure        
Mirror Maze - Compact        
Mirror Maze - Left        
Mirror Maze - Right        
Mirror Maze - Full Size        
Offset Coneweave        
Pattern Three        
Pitchfork - Moderate        
Pitchfork - Serious        
Pitchfork - Advanced/Novice        
Plug Pattern for Competition        
SGHS Dagmar 1        
SGHS Dagmar 2        
SGHS Dagmar 3        
SGHS Dagmar 4        
SGHS Dagmar 5        
SGHS Dagmar 5 - Nov./Adv.        
Santa Rosa        
Shrinking Circles        
Tiger Den        
Tiger Den for Competition        
Toot Sweet        
Vandy Novice        
Vandy Pro        
Weave and Loop Expert        
Weave and Loop Novice